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Atizlan Guardian
  Have you ever felt that your network is vulnerable to the threats from outside?
  Do you want to get rid of the SPAM and focus on your important emails
  Did you know that your network is susceptible from inside?
  Have you monitored whether your office productivity is to its full potential?
Atizlan Guardian – a real guardian angel for your network. It sits on the edge of your network and protects it from inbound and outbound threats. It defends your network like a fierce watchdog which is always alert. Atizlan Guardian not only filters spam, blocks viruses which comes from outside but also screens what is outgoing from the network. So that you have a complete secure network to work worry free.

Atizlan comes with a lot of innovative features which enables you to define, implement and maintain policies, has VPN servers, Mail Servers, and surf control options. Atizlan Guardian is an affordable, flexible, effective and feature packed security system for your network. As it is an all-in-one appliance there is no need to purchase each solution separately, thus substantially lowering costs and saving money.
All-in-one SeCurity

  Mail protection suite
  Anti-Virus Engines
  Mail Traffic Management
  Mail Server (optional)
  Firewall and VPN
  Web-Filtering (HTTP & FTP)
  Control your Surfing

  Want to access your landline calls on your mobile or on your laptop?
  Want to cut your international call costs drastically?
  Want to screen increase your office productivity to the maximum?
  Want to have a conference with your executives without assembling at a table?

Want to do all these without making a dent in your balance sheet?

The days of missed important calls are over. The days of costly proprietary expensive systems and outdated PBX technology are numbered. Gone are the days when your ISD call charges exceeded your profits. Atizlan SIP IP PBX system. A perfect answer to all the business communication needs of Small Business. Featuring a bundle of VX 800 smart IP PBX communication system replete with technology and Aastra telephone, this will give you unmatched features at matchless price.


  Is your data safe in your current storage facility?
  Are you finding it difficult to find a data storage solution that’s affordable?
  Have you ever felt the need of a storage solution that takes lots of data yet is small in size?
  Do you need a storage solution that can be upscaled just using a USB device?

Buffalo Storage Solutions is your answer.

Yours can be an advertising agency which has GBs of graphical data to be stored and retrieved at a later stage. Or you can be a small or medium sized studio where you have huge 3D generated renderings and musical data to be stored. You can even own a call centre where you will have to store a vast amount of voice data. It maybe critical application like that of back office operations. For you losing data means shut shop. It is only natural that you want a highly safe and reliable data storage device, which enables you to store data, protect it and retrieve it fast and safe.

Buffalo gives you just that. Our range of products is designed with all these needs of yours in mind. Whether it is an advertising agency or a studio, a call centre or a back office, we have the solution for you.